Filmography :

Khan was offered a role in a Pakistani Urdu Film “Kyon Tumse Itna Pyar Hai” from SK films in 2004 by a well known director and writer, Ajab Gul. This film was a debut for Aryan Khan as movie star. After “Kyon Tumse Itna Piyar Hai” released, Khan became more famous in Lollywood film industry. Then he was offered a leading role in a Pakistani romantic movie in 2006, “Bas Meri Hee Rehna” by a senior film director, Altaf Hussain. He was very hopeful from this film, since he was very influenced by media coverage. After completion of 60% of the shooting, the movie was stopped due to some censor related issues. Khan returned to his paternal land Afghanistan for the first time in 2006 after 18 years in exile to perform in a concert on his first song organized by TOLO TV on the occasion of Afghan New Year. He was invited by Musa Radmanish a Film Director of Afghanistan. Afghan film industry also warmly welcomed khan. Khan’s first film in Afghanistan was “Eshq-e Khamosh – Silent Love” which is released worldwide. Eshq-e-Khamosh is an Afghani musical and love story movie released in Dari and Pashto languages, and 3 songs of this film are sung by Khan himself. His second film in Afghanistan is an action movie “Anjaam”, which was a blockbuster movie. Lates released movie Gul e Jana, The biggest Budget movie of Pakistan in Pashto Cenima.

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